Scheaffer Consulting Group has broad and deep expertise whose experience base is drawn upon to help you beat your competition and produce exceptional results. We bring together perspectives from a wide range of industries and business models. We help our clients to see what others don't. We seek out a practical course of action, not an abstract conceptual model. Therefore, you get better results, faster.

Scheaffer Consulting Group is one of the leading consulting and training organizations for the telecommunications and technology industries. Our clients include the “who’s who” of telecommunications and technology companies. We've advised companies on how to defend existing markets, improve performance, control costs and most profitably invest resources. We give our clients cutting-edge, tailored advice that works.

In addition to providing "off-the-shelf" courses, we offer highly consultative program development services, which address each client's unique needs and challenges, providing as much or as little support as our clients require. We design comprehensive curricula that can blend classroom experience with hands-on workshops, strategic seminars, and Web Hosting Training.

Our approach is to first identify the customer problem or need, then assess our client's approach to creating and delivering a solution for that need. Next, we consider and model the entire value chain required to achieve the solution. Developing a true customer focus requires clearly measuring how every activity results in an improvement to the product or service that is meaningful to the customer.

Scheaffer Consulting Group assists companies in leveraging strengths and optimizing resources with the goal of increasing market share of the target segments.
Scheaffer Consulting Group helps a company surpass its competition with a differentiated and defensible value proposition.