Scheaffer Consulting Group is in the business of making companies more valuable by helping organizations deliver information that drives action and enables customer-facing personnel to increase sales productivity. Founded on the principal that consultants must measure their success in terms of the clients’ financial results. We put ourselves on the line right alongside our clients. Our programs, whether they are consulting, training, or designing web based business tools demonstrate expense savings and revenue enhancements.

What Do We Do? Scheaffer Consulting Group’s expertise lies in providing consulting, facilitating, and design teams that help you exceed expectations. Our commitment to working in "partnership" with our clients insures that we give our clients' the knowledge and information they need to do their job effectively and to develop skills that help them use knowledge in a manner that produces successful results.

By delivering a hybrid of training and consulting services that fulfill strategic objectives, rather than short-term, tactical concerns, we partner with you to transform your organization into a Performance Enhanced Sales Enterprise.

What Is Our Mission? To increase front-line productivity and effectiveness in a way that delivers concise, compelling, content-rich, and easily accessible information tools that address customer problems, so that employee effectiveness, customer satisfaction and client returns increase.